Distance Diploma in Sports Medicine

Distance Diploma in Sports Medicine

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Diploma In Sports Medicine Course Overview

Are you interested in a career that combines your interests in sports and medicine? A Diploma in Sports Medicine might be the perfect fit.

Sports medicine is an ever-growing and expanding field. With the rise of the popularity of athletics, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their physical health, performance, and safety while participating in sports. As such, there is a growing demand for medical professionals who specialize in treating athletic-related injuries or conditions. A Diploma in Sports Medicine provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to diagnose, treat, prevent, or manage a variety of injuries related to exercise or sports activities.

A diploma program can also provide students with exposure to other aspects related to sports medicine such as nutrition, psychology, physiology and biomechanics - all of which are critical components when it comes to managing athletes’ health and improving their performance. Additionally, this diploma will help equip graduates with key transferable skills that can be used within any medical field – including problem-solving abilities; communication & interpersonal skills; confidence & decision-making; research techniques; as well as leadership & organization capabilities – all essential if you are looking for employment within this sector.

Overall completing a diploma program like this will not only provide you with the tools to treat athletes but will also help open doors to many opportunities within the healthcare industry - giving you an advantage over those without such specialized qualifications when it comes down to job hunting time!

Diploma In Sports Medicine Course Aim
This course aims to touch on the various vital aspects in the field of Sports Medicine along with a few guidelines as to how a sports medicine expert should manage athlete injuries. With a blend of theoretical knowledge and our expert video lecture series, this course provides the best foundation of knowledge in the field of sports medicine.

With experienced faculty and renowned guest speakers, the DDSMed provides a professional touch to the education provided.



ISKSAA has seen the light of the day after a decade of effort for sharing knowledge of international experts with the audience of upcoming orthopaedic
Institute of Sports Science & Technology
ISST, founded on 26th October 2008, is the centre for sports education. ISST is the first institute in INDIA providing courses in Sports Education & Sports Management Education

Key Benefits of Distance Diploma in Sports Medicine Course

Course designed by Dr. Manit Arora, Gold medalist, MS Ortho, MSportsMed, MSc Surg
Course approved by International Society for Knowledge for Surgeons on Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty (ISKSAA)
Learn the basic principles of Sports Medicine.
This diploma is an additional qualification certification for medical professionals to gain up-to-date knowledge in the field of Sports Medicine.

About ISST

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ISST, founded on 26th October 2008, is the centre for sports & fitness education. ISST is the first institute in INDIA providing courses in Sports Education & Sports Management Education. Modern sport covers a broad range of areas, be it ethics, medicine, technology, finance, law, education or sociology, to name a few.

At this beginning of a new era, the sport is in urgent need of highly competent, well trained and experienced sports administrators. ISST with its modern course structure will provide a launchpad for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of sports.

The ISST Advantage | Why ISST Pune?

Top class Sports & Education Infrastructure.

Internationally Accredited Courses by ISPA, Chicago, USA.

UGC Recognized University Degree Programs.

Exposure in Events through ISST Sports Clubs & Academies.

Exposure to Top-end Technology at the ISST High Performance Center & Sports Science Lab.

Professional Faculty & “WOW” Guest Speakers.

Placement Guidance through ISST Placement Cell.

100% Guaranteed Internships.

Access to 1000+ Alumni via ISST Alumni Connect.

Industry tie-ups with Domestic & International Sports Organizations.

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