Sports Dentistry

Explore the pinnacle of dental expertise in athletics at ISST. Our Diploma in Sports Dentistry offers hands-on learning and cutting-edge knowledge, crafting adept sports dentists. Join us for a transformative journey toward mastery, ensuring athletes’ peak oral health. Your excellence begins now.

Specialize in Sports Dentistry with a Diploma from ISST

Obtain a Diploma in Sports Dentistry from the International Society for Sports Traumatology of the Temporomandibular Joint (ISST) to take your dental practice to the next level.

Comprehensive Training in the Unique Dental Needs of Athletes

The ISST's Diploma in Sports Dentistry offers extensive training in preventative measures and emergency treatments for athletes' dental needs.

Focus on the Temporomandibular Joint for Optimal Athletic Performance

The diploma focuses on the temporomandibular joint and its relation to athletic performance, providing the knowledge to treat and prevent dental injuries in athletes.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Providing the Best Possible Care

Obtaining a Diploma in Sports Dentistry shows your commitment to providing the highest level of care and sets you apart from other dentists.

Join the Ranks of Leading Sports Dentists Worldwide

Join leading sports dentists worldwide by enrolling in the ISST's Diploma in Sports Dentistry and making a difference in the lives of athletes.

Sports Dentistry Courses

Admissions Open 2024-2025

Sports Dentistry Courses

Diploma in Sports Dentistry

06 Months
Eligibility: BDS
Course Code: DDSD

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ISST, founded on 26th October 2008, is the centre for sports education. ISST is the first institute in INDIA providing courses in Sports Education & Sports Management Education
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Key Benefits

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Learn how to handle oro-facial injuries in contact sports like Boxing, Football, Rugby, Basketball, Karate, Martial Arts, Wrestling etc.
Learn how to manufacture custom mouth-guards for athletes to avoid oro-facial injuries.
Associate yourself as an "Official Dentist" of Sports teams, clubs, athletes, organizations and companies.
Work with schools as a Sports Dentist to conduct oral checkups and assessments of kids in sports.
Opportunity to join the ever growing sports industry around the world.

About ISST

ISST, founded on 26th October 2008, is the centre for sports & fitness education. ISST is the first institute in INDIA providing courses in Sports Education & Sports Management Education. Modern sport covers a broad range of areas, be it ethics, medicine, technology, finance, law, education or sociology, to name a few.

At this beginning of a new era, the sport is in urgent need of highly competent, well trained and experienced sports administrators. ISST with its modern course structure will provide a launchpad for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of sports.

The ISST Advantage | Why ISST Pune?

Top class Sports & Education Infrastructure.

Internationally Accredited Courses by ISPA, Chicago, USA.

UGC Recognized University Degree Programs.

Exposure in Events through ISST Sports Clubs & Academies.

Exposure to Top-end Technology at the ISST High Performance Center & Sports Science Lab.

Professional Faculty & “WOW” Guest Speakers.

Placement Guidance through ISST Placement Cell.

100% Guaranteed Internships.

Access to 1000+ Alumni via ISST Alumni Connect.

Industry tie-ups with Domestic & International Sports Organizations.

Past Job Openings / Internships at ISST

Sports Dentistry Courses

Discover how a specialization in sports dentistry can set you apart in a competitive field. Our course is designed to equip you with the specialized skills required to meet the unique dental needs of athletes and active individuals.