Bachelor of Sports Science, B.Sc. Sports Sciences

Bachelor of Sports Science, B.Sc. Sports Sciences

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12th Pass (Sci)

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Bachelor of Sports Science Course Overview

The Bachelor of Sports Science degree is the most comprehensive and current qualification available for those looking to pursue a career in the sports industry. It provides a solid foundation for those who want to be part of this exciting and ever-evolving field.

The Bachelor of Sports Science is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications needed to succeed in this highly competitive field. The program focuses on a range of core disciplines such as anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, which give students a comprehensive understanding of how the body works during physical activity as well as how people respond at different levels.

Students enrolled in this program are also able to select from various electives that will allow them to further specialize their knowledge in a certain area within sports science. These courses could include areas such as sports nutrition, kinesiology or even sports psychology. This degree can open up any number of doors into different roles within the industry; whether it’s working with sporting teams or athletes; developing programs; or even writing about sports-related topics – whatever your interests there is an option available through Sports Science!

A Bachelor's degree in Sports Science is also highly beneficial when applying for jobs within athletics departments at universities and colleges around Australia. Having a degree gives you an advantage over other applicants who may not have had adequate training in these areas before applying for these roles.

Apart from gaining valuable knowledge through coursework studies, having access to world-class facilities (such as laboratories) allows students enrolled in this program to gain hands-on experience that will help them stand out from other applicants when looking for employment opportunities down the track. In many cases completing practical elements alongside core studies can also allow students to gain further insight into job roles actually involve once working out in ‘the real world’ - something that many don't get experience with until after they have graduated from university/college!

Overall if you're looking for an engaging qualification that offers up real-life skills then look no further than completing a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Science - it could just be what helps you stand out beyond your peers when entering this ever-growing industry!

Course Aims:

The various Sports Science courses at ISST aim to impart to students an understanding of the functioning of the human body and its various systems. The knowledge of sports nutrition, strength & conditioning, and rehabilitation programs is a must for a sports scientist to improve the performance of athletes. These courses aim to teach all these elements with the use of science-backed technologies and assessment tools.

Bachelor of Sports Science Course Structure

Semester 01

  • Fundamentals of Sports Sciences
  • Physical Education & Sports
  • Human Anatomy & Exercise Physiology
  • Sports Nutrition & Doping
  • Communication & Presentation Skills

Semester 02

  • Biomechanics in Sports
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Kinesiology in Sports
  • Sports Rehabilitation & Injury Management
  • Strength & Conditioning


Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth University
TMV is a University Grants Commission (UGC) recognised degree program.
(Declared as Deemed to be University U/S 3 of the UGC Act 1956 vide Notification No.F-9-19/85-U-3 dated 24 April 1987 by the Government of India)
ISST, founded on 26th October 2008, is the centre for sports education. ISST is the first institute in INDIA providing courses in Sports Education & Sports Management Education

Key Benefits of Bachelor of Sports Science, B.Sc. Sports Sciences Course

Course designed by industry experts and professional faculty.
Course accredited by International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA), Chicago, USA
Learn topics like Sports Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Injury Management & Rehabilitation etc.
Exposure in live events at ISST Sports Academies.

About ISST

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ISST, founded on 26th October 2008, is the centre for sports & fitness education. ISST is the first institute in INDIA providing courses in Sports Education & Sports Management Education. Modern sport covers a broad range of areas, be it ethics, medicine, technology, finance, law, education or sociology, to name a few.

At this beginning of a new era, the sport is in urgent need of highly competent, well trained and experienced sports administrators. ISST with its modern course structure will provide a launchpad for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of sports.

The ISST Advantage | Why ISST Pune?

Top class Sports & Education Infrastructure.

Internationally Accredited Courses by ISPA, Chicago, USA.

UGC Recognized University Degree Programs.

Exposure in Events through ISST Sports Clubs & Academies.

Exposure to Top-end Technology at the ISST High Performance Center & Sports Science Lab.

Professional Faculty & “WOW” Guest Speakers.

Placement Guidance through ISST Placement Cell.

100% Guaranteed Internships.

Access to 1000+ Alumni via ISST Alumni Connect.

Industry tie-ups with Domestic & International Sports Organizations.

Past Job Openings / Internships at ISST

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